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Katmai National Park, Valley of 10,000 Smokes, Izembek National Wildlife Refuge, Aghileen Pinnacles, Pavlof Volcanoes and more. Access via King Salmon and Cold Bay.


Fire and Ice; Cold Bay

The Alaska Peninsula is a place of extreme contrasts. Accessed via a direct flight from Anchorage, the old World War 2 air base of Cold Bay is our jumping off point for volcanic exploration, epic beach-combing, bear, caribou and bird viewing, fishing, camping, backpacking and more.

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Katmai and Valley of 10,000 Smokes

Visit the site of the 20th century's largest volcanic eruption and witness the spectacular power of nature. Many NASA Astronauts trained here as part of their preparation for the Apollo missions. Rivers flow through fields of ash, some of which is piled up to 700 feet deep. Add an overnight for the ultimate Katmai experience.

Contact us for more information (May-June)

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