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Kobuk Valley NP; Gates of the Arctic NP; Noatak National Preserve; Bering Land Bridge National Monument; Kobuk Sand Dunes and more. Access via Kotzebue.


Noatak National Preserve

Encompassing 6.6 million acres; the Noatak Preserve holds the United States' largest undisturbed watershed and a wide variety of Arctic and Subarctic vegetation and topography. Bordered by the Brooks Range to the North and the Baird Mountains to the South, the Preserve includes vast expanses of wet tundra, slopes of bare shale, numerous lakes and streams and sharp peaks. A multi-day backpacking, fishing or float trip is the best way to experience this vast landscape and improves the chances of seeing caribou, bears, wolves, foxes, musk ox, moose, golden eagles, the elusive gyrfalcon and many other species.

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Kobuk Valley National Park

Full of tundra, mountains, rivers and sand dunes, this remote park is larger than the state of Delaware and contains no roads or trails. Starting 25 miles north of the Arctic Circle, the park is perhaps best known for the Great Kobuk Sand Dunes created by the retreating glaciers of the last Ice Age 14,000 years ago. This active arctic dune field contains Ice-Age era plant life found nowhere else on earth and provides one of the most unique vistas in Alaska.


Serpentine Hot Springs; Bering Land Bridge National Monument

This 2.7 million acre monument marks an ancient migration route between Asia and the Americas. The most popular destination is a hot spring long known to the native Inupiat as a place of healing. Enjoy a morning soak in the large wooden bathhouse then hike amongst the many stone pillars surrounding this ancient and incredibly unique landmark.

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